Love All Cosplayers

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Please take one! It is free!

Please take one! It is free!

Cosplay is an art. A way of life. A hobby. A business. A social network of friends and partners. Many types of people make up this amazing and continuously growing community. Love All Cosplayers strives to bring out the best in all cosplayers and their cosplays, displaying their awesome work (of all types!) and showcasing the community as a whole, not a select group of people within the community. We establish a ground that everyone is amazing in their own way and that everyone crafts differently. It does not matter to us if you make your own costumes, commission, alter or buy from a company! It does not matter to us if you cosplay or crossplay or just photograph or if you are just a friend of a cosplayer! Does not matter if you cosplay games, anime, comics, or your own and original work! You are still part of this community and should know that you are welcome! Shine here and be comfortable to tell your stories.

Love All Cosplayers understands that there are many cosplayers in the world who are put down, bullied or harassed for different reasons. There are terms that are used that put down others (whether they are meant to or not!) and dull the potential that everyone is capable of. We do not tolerate any bullying, harassing or degradation of cosplayers or non-cosplayers here.

Many of these blog entries are written by me, the OP, and you will hear my thoughts and opinions about certain topics. Anything that is an opinion should be taken with a grain of salt. Not everyone will agree with what I have to say or anyone else has to say here at Love All Cosplayers, but feel free to share your opinions as well (as long as it is appropriate).

Why have I decided to start this blog? I have been part of this community for a long time, and have met so many wonderful people. I would love to share all these people and they share all of theirs. My thesis was written on various controversies that are important and often brought up in the community, and since my research project I have been more motivated to start a positive and open movement and do more to help out the cosplay community and its sub-communities. To” many times have I seen “doing it wrong” blogs or “elitism blogs” or “anti-elitsim” blogs and they make me cringe more often than not with their lack of acceptance for others. I wanted to create something for everyone. Everyone.

I hope everyone here enjoys this blog and all of the amazing cosplayers featured in it! I will have interviews, stories (by you guys!), articles, reviews, and so much more to share here!

The Beautiful Cosplayers page features links to pages to the many cosplayers who have donated images, stories or more to Love All Cosplayers.

If you would like to submit something, just send an email to mimiru_cosplay@ymail com


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