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My Costume! Get Your Own!

I’ve been going through my lists of “to talk about” and finally settled on this particularly juicy topic: ‘this is my character so don’t copy me cause I was here first’ and the ‘don’t cosplay a character cause they are pretty, cosplay them because you know the character and love them’ arguments.  These are interesting because you can really get a feel of the possessiveness and care that someone can have towards a particular character. But sadly, these arguments suck because it leaves a lot of people in rocky situations with friends or with other groups of cosplayers.

Let’s start with this one: ‘do not take my idea and cosplay MY character cause “I” did it first.’

This is quite a strong one in groups of friends who decide to do group projects, but also well seen among people who post things on the internet and suddenly find followers or friends doing the same things as them. There is a certain level of possessiveness and they generally are there for different reasons. One of those reasons is that that person may feel strongly about the character and wants to have that character spot in the group they are with. Another reason is that they want to be unique and stand out among the group or crowd because maybe they have a neat idea for the costume.  These are all understandable reasons, but what is not acceptable is when the catty, muddy cat-fights start happening among people all because they wanted to cosplay the same character. Or worse….when the horrible, behind your back gossiping starts…“Oh they stole my idea and took my character. I was going to cosplay that character…now I don’t know what to do…

What to do? Just keep swimming! Continue to do what you originally planned and rock your cosplay! At the end of the day, who cares who cosplays what? Chances are, unless it is an original character of YOURS that cosplay has probably been done before by someone somewhere. All you can do is give the costume your unique touches and just shine! 🙂

Now…there is something….Original characters…Honestly? I would be a bit upset if someone took my Nevermore and started cosplaying as him without giving  me some sort of due credit. Characters from famous games or shows or anime or movies or whatever are one thing…they are mass-loved and have tons of credit due to them. For example, Cinderella. Tons of wonderful Cinderella cosplayers out there. But when it comes to YOUR OWN creative liberties (unless you so happen to be Toboso Yana and have a manga out there in your name), it gets tough to see your private characters on someone else if they haven’t asked permission from YOU or at least given you due credit. In these cases, it is understandable where some anger can come from among groups.

Maybe they RPed together and created their own characters, and suddenly someone decides to cosplay their partner’s character even though they wanted to themselves? Maybe some frustration can come from this, though I hope in these cases folks try to work it out.

Now…onto the other argument: ‘don’t cosplay a character cause they are pretty, cosplay them because you know the character and love them’.

In my time at cons, on facebook and other social media I have noticed that there is a degree of…distaste….from some cosplayers towards cosplayers who choose to cosplay a character because of how they look rather than because they love the material. Understandably there are people who love these characters to a fault and love seeing others who do too. But there are also those who love to build challenging and elaborate costumes!!!  As a cosplayer, I love challenges. The opportunity to learn new skills is something that I personally can not pass up. There are plenty others out there who do this too.

Bottom line? Everyone has their own reasons for cosplaying, and no one should thrust their own definition of cosplay down someone’s throat. Everyone (for the most part) does it because they love to do it and want to be able to create or wear (or both!) amazing costumes. So what if they think a costume is pretty but know nothing about the character?  There is a belief that cosplayers cosplay because they love the character. While this is true in many cases, it is not in all. Though it is really common for cosplayers to fall in love with a  character AFTER creating their costume or while they are.

No one should hold any one person to their standards of costuming or ideals of costuming.



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