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What is Cosplay?

on April 3, 2014



Certainly, we are just people in costumes. But so what? We are still a community of people who relate to one another through fandoms or costumes or similar interests and hobbies. There is a lot of negativity in the community that puts down others. This blog is not about being a SUPPORT to people, but about pointing out these negativities and showing that they come from all sorts of directions. Everyone should be able to ENJOY costuming, and while to some of you it is silly or stupid to read about these issues, to others it is important.


One response to “What is Cosplay?

  1. Just read several of your articles. Loving the blog already.

    Key theme I liked? Inclusiveness.

    One thing I’ve liked about some of our local events where cosplay takes place is the willingness of folks to acknowledge and appreciate even amateur cosplay.

    I don’t cosplay myself, but respect the person that puts themselves out there in costume.


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