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Consent to Cleavage. Dehumanizing Because you Feel it’s Okay Based on a Costume

on March 17, 2014


Hello hello! Post-Spring Break post coming up! I have been trying to figure out what topic I wanted to write about while waiting on some interview responses and putting together questions for other cosplayers and groups, when I found some lovely gems waiting for me on a fabulous cosplayer’s page.

“People are more than welcome to comment on her boobs showing if they’re out there. If she cosplays one character that wears outfits like that, fine, but multiple? Boob-related comments are fair-game at that point.”

This comment? Pisses me off. Not because it is someone who is entitled to their own opinion and stating it, but because it reeks so bad that a rotting, smelling skunk stench is something I’d like to wear as a perfume.

Yes, this cosplayer has amazing boob-shots in her pictures and focuses heavily on sex appeal. But she also pumps out freaking amazing cosplays too. This comment was obviously written by someone who knows little about the cosplay world, and probably follows this cosplayer for her looks and not her work.

Fellow cosplayers. It is not an excuse to sexualize and dehumanize. It does not matter what kind of characters he or she cosplays. What matters is that they put hard effort into their costumes and rocked it and enjoyed it!
So. Before I get too sidetracked, let me fall back some.

If a cosplayer “puts their boobs out there” and you have a comment you want to say about them…please think first before you speak (or write!). Even if the cosplayer enjoys that sort of attention, it is still disrespectful and undermining. Call this my own opinion, but just like these people, I’m sharing it. It is about having respect for one another as human beings, not sex objects.
“People are more than welcome to comment on her boobs showing if they’re out there. “

What!? NO! Just because they are “out there”, does not mean you get to throw in nasty, sexy comments just because you like them (or the other extreme that you degrade the person for showing so much flesh). Have you stopped to consider that maybe the costume is SUPPOSED TO HAVE CLEAVAGE!? Perhaps that cosplayer DOES like that character or costume design. Come on. Have some respect.

“If she cosplays one character that wears outfits like that, fine, but multiple?”

Okay, so maybe this is the beginning of an argument. At least there is backup argument for this belief. However, maybe the cosplayer likes many characters? Honestly. Come on. A lot of Marvel and DC female characters show cleavage. A lot of anime girls have large breasts. Is it fair to say that a cosplayer can only like one character with cleavage or else she’s a sex object? NO FAIR.

“Boob-related comments are fair-game at that point.”

Nope. Never. There is no justification or excuse for “Boob related comments” just because said cosplayer has cleavage.
I am also wanting to point out the same thing to male cosplayers. The same thing happens to male cosplayers who show a lot of muscle or package. It is never okay.

But also, we should not assume that someone posting a comment about cleavage or package or muscles or other body parts are meaning to be dehumanizing and sexual. Sometimes it IS meant as an appreciation, but could be worded poorly or easily misread and misinterpreted.

Please understand that I am not intending to generalize this comment. I just would like everyone to stop and take a look at these sorts of things and then think about your own. 



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