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Character Accuracy

on March 4, 2014


Throughout this blog so far, I have been establishing cosplay as a form of art, a way for artists to express their (our) art in whatever way we choose without being condemned for our choices. This post is going to focus a bit on taking creative liberties with characters. What do I mean by taking creative liberties? I mean that every artist has their own interpretation of a character and that every artist will do a character differently (and should!).

Every artist has their own style or preference when it comes to what is created. In regards to cosplaying, this could be fabric choices, colour choices, gender bending, change in hair style, etc etc. What I have noticed, is an increase in hate towards cosplayers who deviate from an original design. I’ve heard: “She did not have the right colour wig,” or “that Harley is the wrong shade of red!” I’m sorry, but who cares? Does the overall costume look like a lot of hard work was put into it?! Does it look like the person wearing the costume is having fun!? Then who cares? It is not up to you to judge that costume based on changes to it.  However, if a cosplay contest suggests that you should be as accurate as possible to the original design (such as the contest rules for Cosplay Summit), THEN judges have a right to discuss the accuracy of colour, style, etc. But as a general rule, all cosplayers get to take artistic liberties with their costumes.

Shiny fabric? Maybe there was reason they chose that fabric. Different hair style? Again, maybe there is a reason for it. But honestly. Please stop whining about inaccuracy to the character and that by being inaccurate cosplayers are not doing that character justice. If you have that big of a problem with it, then by all means do the costume yourself. But it is not appropriate to put down another cosplayer because of these silly little personal preferences, because that is all they are: personal preferences.

We should not force our personal preferences on other people. You would not want anyone to do it to you, but you (not YOU in particular, just “you” in general)  do it to them? Careful now. That is close to hypocrisy. 😦  There is a lot of that going around the community in so many different forms that it is not even funny.  Let’s try to eliminate some of this that is going around the community, shall wel? 🙂


4 responses to “Character Accuracy

  1. Casey Arrostone says:

    In all honesty, I have been the person on both sides of that situation. I get a lot of controversy with my genderbends and on occasion, I’ve questioned why a person made the choice for part of their costume. I do not mean it maliciously, I’m just curious. This post really made me think about how I act and I hope I don’t act judgmental towards fellow cosplayers in the future.

    • aislinnriley says:

      Thank you for commenting!! ❤ I believe that everyone ends up on both sides of it at some point, even me! There is actually nothing wrong with questioning someone's motives for what they do, but what hits hard is when people outright put someone else down because of their choices. Although, it is a good thing to think about these things as we judge. 🙂 It is hard to not judge, because we DO, even if we do not want to. And as you said, being curious is not a bad thing, either! Curiosity helps everyone grow (except when it can get you killed! D:)! 🙂

      • Casey Arrostone says:

        I am curious but I would never put someone down for their choices. Granted, I personally may not like choices made in someone’s costume (those opinions I keep to myself) but I would never put them down because of it. That’s just cruel. I was relentlessly bullied through high school and cosplay became my escape. I know there are people that use cosplay for the same reason and I would never want to be that bully that would turn a person’s escape from bullying into something that would hurt them more.

      • James Fipps says:

        I, in all honesty, have only ever made 2 accurate costumes in my life. I like making my stuff, well, my stuff! There are so many people cosplaying now, that you have to think outside the box further than ever before. I applaud anyone who makes anything and enjoys the entire process…. from the design, build, all the way to fruition. You are also correct about us being on both sides. We’ve all been there, and if you say you havnt, you’re fibbing! The difference in thinking something or asking nicely is entirely different than maliciously pouncing on someone because of their choices. I have made some pretty good friends because I was curious about someone doing something different. Heck, one of my best friends does crossplay, and I have the utmost respect for him and the choices he makes. I will continue to make my costumes the way I see fit, and I hope more people do the same. Thanks for opening up the discussion for this, Im curious as to other peoples thought process

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