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Tango for Two: Controversy with Cosplay Idols

on February 28, 2014

I am seeing more and more hate directed towards cosplay “idols” or cosplayers who are popular through the scene. I can’t help but feel that sometimes this hate is directed towards a large number of cosplay “idols” who do not deserve the anger.
There are a lot of reasons I have seen people say for being upset with cosplay “idols”. Many of these include “self-righteous tendencies”, “entitlement”, “back stabbing”, “business-attitudes”, “egocentric attitudes”, and so on and so forth. The list continues on and on for a long while.
My thesis’s topic was on the division of the cosplay community based on hobby vs business, and how the line between these two groups grows larger and larger based on stereotypes and the breaking of cosplay culture norms. The initial cosplay culture was a bunch of people out to have fun in costume with a bunch of friends, but quickly this has been developing and opening other doors for people to find business in the hobby. I see the argument that “cosplay is a hobby, not a business!”, but nowadays that is not necessarily true. We see musicians make money from their hobbies and artists and actors and welders….so how is cosplaying not a great way to turn something you love into something more? To do for a living?
There are people who argue that there is no such thing as a “professional cosplayer”, only a model or seamstress, etc. But…let’s look at cosplaying as a whole: Cosplaying encompasses modeling, acting, sewing, wig and hair styling, makeup art, prop making, armour building, welding, wood working, script writing, photography, digital image editing, special fx makeup, and so much more. How is it fair to say that a cosplayer can only be a title this or title that? That is a lot of titles if they do more than just model or more than just sewing or wig styling. The term “Cosplayer” can be referenced to a person who does more than just one or two of these things. And sure, “professional” can be considered a self-entitlement but if you think about it…these cosplayers have done a lot to get the title they have. It is not easy to gain thousands of followers or get a name in the cosplaying business. Yes, I say BUSINESS, because whether you decide to take your hobby to another level or not does not mean that others have not.
I am now going to say this: there are cosplayers out there (famous and not famous) who ridicule other cosplayers or put down others. I see a lot of cosplayers who are not thousands of fans famous put down idol cosplayers. WHY!? Honestly. Look at yourselves and look at the posts you make about cosplay idols. You get angry for them putting you down but at the same time you are putting them down. Sure there may be those out there who act all high and mighty and it IS disgusting. But you also have simple fellows who do the same thing.
It is not the cosplay idols alone who are spreading hate in the cosplay community, but it is also those of us who put them down.
You have every right to be angry if another cosplayer is rude to you, rude to their fans, puts you or their fans down, acts better than everyone else, etc….but by blatantly displaying anger in a manner that is a form of bullying in a way, it perpetuates a growing problem that our community faces.
This post is not here to call anyone specific out, but BOTH groups are guilty. As a good friend of mine put it, “Both sides are firing shots. WE should judge people not based on their status or how they cosplay but how they act as human beings.” I would like everyone here to stop and think about what is going on with the cosplay community. We love pointing fingers. It’s human to do so. However we also should analyze what finger pointing does. We blame television depictions of our wonderful community for slandering what “cosplay is all about”. We blame idols for misrepresenting the community even though everyone is different and everyone has their own tastes and styles and personalities. We blame hobbists for holding back the community from the greatness it can become. Well let me tell you something….We are already great. We are unique and fun and open-minded and creative.

We want to work on fixing some of the issues our community has, but we must look at the community as a whole rather than seeing a specific group of people. Cosplay idols can just as easily point to hobbyists and say that “well they are telling me I am an attention whore because I show a lot of cleavage in my costumes”. In a way, this is kind of mean because who are we to judge what another cosplayer decides to wear?

Yes, the cosplay community is drastically changing, but it is up to US to make the changes a good one. I see so many wonderful cosplayers on a daily basis whether it be online or in person. Everyone has so much wonderful potential and I love seeing each and every one of you I get to know grow. It is sad that there is so much hate going around everywhere. Idols acting high and mighty and lacking a nice dose of “humility” and hobbyists who get angry and lash out at those who attack them.

Regardless at how the community is dividing (hobby vs business), we can still be united and appreciate and accept one another.

🙂 We ARE good people. We ARE a great community of accepting people. Some of us could stand to be more humble or more outgoing or more polite or bold. We are a community of PEOPLE, and there are many different kinds of people. 🙂 Let’s try to understand that no two of us will be exactly alike, and no one will have all of the same beliefs or views.


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